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Should I repair my replacement windows?

You're sitting in the living room one day and a thought pops in your mind: I'm going to open the windows and get a nice summer breeze! Ahh… the thought of that refreshing summertime air cooling you off, filling your senses with a clean, crisp aroma. OK, perhaps...

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At-Home Solar Windows Almost a Reality

If you haven’t noticed, we’re big on saving energy. Thanks to a recent discovery by an Italian university, energy savings just became a lot more serious. Now, residential windows that act as solar panels are one step closer to a reality. Are Solar Triple Pane Windows...

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False Energy Claims on Replacement Windows

In February of 2012, the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on a deceptive practice that has been a part of the vinyl replacement window industry for too long.  You see, many replacement window retailers claim a certain level of energy savings, when/if you replace...

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How Much Should Replacement Windows Cost?

Isn’t it a shame that this question is SUCH a mystery.  I mean really…how is it, in the “information age”, that people have no idea what it costs to replace their windows? The answer: MOST replacement window companies do NOT want you to know. Most window companies do...

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