Top 4 Deceptive Claims From Replacement Window Companies

The window industry, just like any other, has its bad apples. While the process of purchasing windows can feel like a daunting task, you are often at the mercy of replacement window companies. Unfortunately, some replacement window companies take advantage of this opportunity and twist the truth to score a sale. Next time you are glancing at an ad or sitting through a sales pitch, you can pick out the false claims with the help of our newest document: The Top 4 Deceptive Claims By Replacement Window Companies.

We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These 5 Windows

With double hung windows, bay and bow windows, casement and triple pane windows dominating the market, most consumers are only aware of mainstream windows for the home. It’s a big world out there when it comes to windows and architecture. Today, we are featuring some of the more uncommon windows, both with unique shapes and interesting names.

At-Home Solar Windows Almost a Reality

Sonnenenergie 2

If you haven’t noticed, we’re big on saving energy. Thanks to a recent discovery by an Italian university, energy savings just became a lot more serious. Now, residential windows that act as solar panels are one step closer to a reality. Are Solar Triple Pane Windows in the distant future? Read more.